Electrical Safety Switches

Circuit Breakers and Fuses have been installed for years and may already be installed in your switchboard. They provide protection to the electrical wiring but be aware they offer no protection for you or your family.

Safety switches are also known as RCDs or ELCBs. Older homes are required to have a safety switch installed when any modification is made to the existing electrical layout. Elite Air highly recommended you have a safety switch installed prior to this requirement.

A Switchboard Mounted Safety Switch will protect your whole home. A Power Outlet Safety Switch provides protection to a limited area in your home, usually a single circuit.

An electrical safety switch will protect you and your family from electrocution. If an electrical fault occurs within an appliance, power circuit or lighting circuit, a safety switch will turn the power supply off immediately and prevent electrocution.

If you have a new home you should have a safety switch installed on all power and light circuits. If you are not sure about this we can call in to check and test if it's working properly.